Ensuring that high-risk youth don't become disconnected youth! image

Ensuring that high-risk youth don't become disconnected youth!

Providing the skills and resources for a successful transition to adult life and work.

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Providing a foundation for successful transition into adult independence and work!

The Together We Can Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
All contributions are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Your gift ensures that our programs and materials make a difference everyday by teaching youth the necessary skills for successfully transitioning into a productive adult life and the workforce.

  • Helping teens identify and cultivate an attractive work brand based on their own strengths, talent, and values.
  • Encouraging workforce readiness through interviewing and personal presentation skills.
  • Encouraging teens to identify a career path, develop a career plan, finish high school, and pursue higher education or vocational training.
  • Supporting and nurturing better relationship skills, healthier self-image and more effective stress management.
  • Providing financial grants for transition needs and in support of academic and career goals.
  • Advocating for community awareness around the issue of disconnection among youth and partnering with other community organizations towards solutions.

Please consider becoming a Sustaining Donor by making a recurring monthly donation to spread your support out over the year.

NAP (Neighborhood Assistance Program) Tax Credits

Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits are usually available after July 1st of each year. When available, donations of at least $500.00 may qualify for Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credits from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Education. TWC provides the full 65% tax credit value. These tax credits can offset your state tax liability significantly. To learn whether the possible tax advantages of NAP Credits are right for you, we suggest that you speak with your accountant or tax planner. To take advantage of potential NAP credits for your together We Can Foundation-Smart Transitions donation:

  • Contact TWC at 757-288-3231 or info@twcfoundation.org to check on NAP tax credit availability.
  • If available we will forward you a NAP Credit Request Form for the current year. Print out, fill out, sign, and return the required form by mail or email to Together We Can Foundation, 5101 Cleveland Street, Suite 305, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. or info@twcfoundation.org.
  • You may make your donation by check, electronically or by stock transfer, but make sure you have spoken with someone at TWC to ensure availability before making a donation.